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Namaad Jackson

Height: 5’7" | Suit: 38S | Waist: 30" | Inseams: 32" | Shoes: 9.5 | Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown

Acrobatic | Ballroom | Breaking | Contemporary | Heels | Hip Hop | House | Jazz | Locking | Popping | Waackin'

Namaad Jackson is a performer, choreographer, educator and mentor whose background, training, passion and its underlying culture extends over 20 years. Namaad has creatively and artistically dance and directed several dance companies including his ver own. He has also performed on multiple dance platforms such as World of Dance, BET Experience, TNT boys, ASAP Bay Area just to name a few. 


Since moving to the Bay Area Namaad is now sign as a talent with RAE Talent and Model Agency and is now teaching at several studio across the bay areas such as RAE Studio, Purdance, and FulloutStudios. Namaad also dances and preforms with Str8Jackets Dance Crew who was also featured on NDC’s World of Dance. Namaad See's dance as positive force and a medium to tell stories, discuss issue and inspire others. He is very proud of his accomplishments and is very passionate about his life as a professional career as a dancer, choreographer, and educator. He encourages others to recognize their passion and always follow their hearts and dreams.

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