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GAP HQ "Linen Moves" Campaign

Updated: May 17

Cheers to another production celebrating fashion and dance! This year GAP HQ, San Francisco hired Rae Agency's Dance Division to showcase their 2024 "Linen Moves" campaign led by CEO Richard Dickson featuring the Rae Agency Dance Division.

Show Recap & Credits

The room is packed, exciting energy fills the event as our dancers quietly motioned through their choreography on their respective marks. Lights dim and the music starts- this is the most anticipated moment of the day. Rae Agency dancers were selected to help highlight GAP’s Linen Move’s campaign at their headquarters in San Francisco.

Only two days prior, we had received the inquiry and had to work very quickly to coordinate talent availability, rehearsal time, fittings, as well as day of show logistics. Thankfully, we have an amazing in-house choreographer, JJ Ghera. They were able to take inspiration from the original GAP x Jungle ad to create a captivating, multi-faceted combo in a total of 5 hours! Our wonderful roster of dance professionals who were able to learn quickly while executing the choreography with precision. With so little time before they needed to perform, their only option was to have rehearsals that consumed everyone's nights. With everything said and done, it was about 1:30 in the morning and call time was just a few hours later at 7:15am.

It's now show time: our dancers start on their cues and shock the crowd with a high energy, thrilling and emotional performance that exceeds expectations. The unit moved beautifully together, with solo moments sprinkled in to give opportunity to showcase their individuality. There was one moment in particular that touched the entire audiences' hearts and brought tears to their eyes; when our dancer, Tiana, got to present her baby bump in a Beyonce-like fashion. Finally, they finished off their performance as a group by gracefully welcoming GAP CEO, Richard Dickson, onto the stage with them to close out the event with his final thank you. 

Join us in reliving the exciting moment by watching the video of the performance below. Also, follow us on Instagram @RaeAgency to see live BTS of our active bookings!

CREDITS: Ann Warque, Dancer | Anna Bolender @annaalexbee, Dancer | Chisom Nzerem @lilmschizzy, Dancer | Darian Gemora @dariananthony_, Dancer | Georgi Carmack @georgi.carmack, Dancer | Inez Schynell @inezschynell, Dancer | “KiTo” @kito_0709, @kithetiger, Dancer | Ryan McKee @ryanmckee90, Dancer | Tanika Gore @tikibooya, Dancer | Tiana Hester @tianahester, Dancer | JJ Ghera @jjthekillah, Choreographer | Jessica Rae @jraesf, Talent Director/Agent | Wardrobe styled by and featuring @gap “Linen Moves” Collection


Full performance:

Talent POV and photos:

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