Make-Up Artists

Our trained professionals are experienced in television, theatrical, fashion, beauty, film, & print shoots as well as live events. Our artists can be available for one-on-one application or staffed for large events. For specialty requested make-up, a drafted vision board will be created before applying final make-up.

Hair Stylists

Our hair stylists are available for intimate and large scaled on-site events from high fashion, beauty, thematic, and bridal occasions. Our stylists are best at building a style to best fit each person based on individual preference or directed event theme. Our hair stylists are also hands on working with other artists and building on images in fashion, beauty, specialty make-up, and wedding parties.

Specialty Make-Up

The use of specialty make-up can be found in all possible areas of make-up to match an event theme. From fantasy, colorful fashion, cultural arts, to Halloween creations! Specialty make-up artists also include all blood and gore techniques commonly booked during Halloween and holiday events. Specialty make-up artists also work along side with the costume designer or body paint artists to achieve your specific theme.

Body Paint Artists

Our body paint artists specializing in make-up & latex. The art of body painting can camouflauge, enhance features & create the illusion of other textures to create a customized look for your special event. Theatrical or costume body painting often uses make-up or liquid latex. Each has its own effects and length of duration for body art applicatoin. Our body paint artists are able to capture any event theme to bring your “Character Models” to life.

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RAE Agency offers a list of professional photographers to staff individually or paired for intimate and large-scale events. Our team of photographers have access to in-studio print as well as having mobile equipment to capture any on-location/outdoor event coverage. Photo Booth stations are also available for set-up/breakdown for any event and scaled due to each size of every event.

  • Event Photography

  • Corporate, Live Events, Holiday Parties

  • In-Studio Photography

  • Fashion, Beauty, Portraits, Product Photography

  • Special Events/Wedding Photography

  • Anniversary’s, Birthday, Holiday, Wedding

  • Photo Booths

Great for any occassion. Printed copies available for distribution along with stationed photographers & exciting costume, wardrobe, and accessories.

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Our in-house costume designer works alongside every event booked through the agency collaborating with hair & make-up artists and our models. Her task is to bring each creation to life by custom styling each costume with costumes in our inventory, or hand-crafting new articles to custom-prepare a costume to match a specific event. A creative vision board is drafted and sent to clients including fabric, texture, colors, style, etc. to pre-approve before final.

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Audette Sophia

Airbrush | Body Art | Fantasy Makeup | UV Body Paint



Lisa Greenberg

Fantasy Makeup | UV Body Paint | Body Art | Airbrush



Caly Blackwood
Beauty Makeup | Face Paint | 
Fantasy Makeup



Sheena Grams
Airbrush | Body Art | Face Paint | Fantasy Makeup | UV Body Paint

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.08.00 PM.png


Christiopher Tolentino

Beauty Makeup | Fashion Makeup

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.09.18 PM.png
glamour bulgaria-4 (1).jpg

Josanna Aguilar

Beauty Makeup | Fashion Makeup


Suliman Nawid

Beauty Makeup | Face Paint | Fantasy Makeup | Fashion Makeup | UV Body Paint


Andy Blake

Andy Blake Photography

Fashion, Lifestyle & Events

RAE Agency  Andy Blake Photography
RAE Agency Photos By Darrin Baldrige

Darrin Baldrige
Photos By Darrin
Beauty & Fashion

RAE Agency Mike McGee Photography

Mike McGee

Mike McGee Photography

Portraits & Fashion


RAE Agency Stephan Knight Vizual Jockey

Rachel Radcliffe

Rachel Radcliffe Photography

Fashion, Lifestyle & Portraits


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