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INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Resume Builder + Runway/Posing Workshop

Updated: Mar 13, 2023


It's that time of year to rebuild our tools and skills to better assist our overall talent performance. Join us, Sunday, March 18th for two workshops focused on talent development, Talent Resume Builder at 3pm followed by our Runway + Posing Workshop at 4:45pm. For new talents recently signed, both workshops are suggested. Courses are completely optional and are curated specially to help talents better prepare for upcoming castings, ports, jobs and overall presentation. Both events are open to the public and to all professionals, signed talent will receive a discount code for attending. The discount code will be emailed.


Event Title: Industry Talent Resume Workshop

Date: 3/18/23

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm

Host: Jessica Rae, CEO/Owner of Rae Agency, Rae Studios

Room: S3, Creative Lab

Ticket Price: $45 non-agency, $35 signed agency talent (discount code emailed, sign up via MindBody)

Workshop Class Description:

Are you a professional dancer or model in the talent industry? Take the time to elevate your professional talent resume lead by Jessica Rae. This class will include writing exercises to identify a performance summary along with education, skillset, professional experience and awards/highlights. Students are expected to bring their laptop, notebook, previous resumes or list of past performances/jobs and a headshot. A filler headshot can work as a template and be replaced at a later time. Take the time to bring your best self with your digital resume.

Homework prior to attending this class:

  1. Digital Headshot: Have a digital copy of your headshot available. If you have not selected your main headshot, create a file with 3-4 options for Jessica to give her recommendation.

  2. List of Past Events: Create a list of your past events, titles, roles, company details and dates performed. This does not have to be organized. Just create an open page google doc to have your notes ready for this workshop.

  3. URL of video links: Use dropbox or google doc to create a list of videos from past events. URL links consists of previous work, commercials, photoshoots, video, live events, dance productions/classes. Links can include social and various online links of past work.




Event Title: Model Posing + Runway Workshop

Date: 3/18/23

Time: 4:45pm - 6:15pm

Host: Jessica Rae, CEO/Owner of Rae Agency, Rae Studios + Charleston Pierce

Room: S1, Live Your Life

Ticket Price: $45 non-agency, $35 signed agency talent (discount code emailed, sign up via MindBody)

Led by Fashion Runway Instructor: Charleston Pierce, Author, Star Walk, Fashion Show Casting Director, Macy’s Passport,

Workshop Class Description:

Are you a professional in the talent industry or just interested in learning to walk/pose? This workshop is designed for professionals and enthusiasts to walk and pose for castings/auditions that meet the SF lifestyle image. This course will also include vocabulary terms, digital posing and real life scenarios that professionals go through per audition and booking. These techniques will help elevate your casting/jobs and give you that extra level of skill, knowledge and confidence when presenting yourself at your next opportunity.

Suggested Wardrobe, How to arrive to class:

Talents are expected to arrive as if they are attending an audition/open call/go-see as a model. For dancers, dance auditions workshops will be scheduled on another date. Please arrive to this workshop in preparation for model opportunities.

Model Wardrobe: - Black or Dark fitted denim or pants - Black fitted tank for women, Black fitted v-neck short sleeve shirt for men - Black heels / shoes - Light/natural makeup applied. No dark makeup or

false lashes - Hair should be tied/pulled back

- Clean face

Additional items to bring: - Bring a printed copy of your headshot/talent compcard + talent resume (stapled together) - Portfolios, digital portfolio ok for review

Introducing our Guest Instructor:

Charleston Pierce is a native San Franciscan who began his performing arts career at the San Francisco School Of The Arts.

Charleston was primed and ready when discovered by Producer and Director of the Macy’s Passport Fashion Show; Larry Hashbarger. Shortly after that meeting Charleston was signed by the Bay Area’s premiere modeling agency; Grimme.

Charleston has maintained a consistent presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles entertainment industry for over 20 years.

Throughout his career as a model/actor, he has appeared on national billboards, print ads, fashion shows, over 30 commercials, and movies, and had a premiere role as the first Pepsi Man superhero for the Japanese commercial television market.

After many years as a top model for the Macy’s Passport show, Charleston was promoted as the show’s first Model Captain/Coach. From there, Charleston transitioned from the Runway to behind the scenes as a Fashion Show Producer, Creative Director, and Industry Coach. Model’s Spokesman and Advocate for the Bay Area Fashion Community.

Charleston worked with the San Francisco Junior League 2008-2011 as their Model Coach and Runway Trainer for their Yearly Fund-Raising Fashion Show.


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