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Rae Agency 13th Anniversary Celebration 🎉

Updated: Feb 24

Happy 13th Anniversary Rae Agency!

Please join us, as we celebrate the 13th Anniversary of Rae Agency and Rae Studios on Sunday, February 25th. We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that has continued to support us throughout the years. We wouldn't be here without all the amazing talents and incredible clients that have given everyone that opportunity to work as creatives through print, film and events. Throughout the 13 years, we experienced many ups and downs. From the grand opening of the agency with a wide variety of job opportunities, the closing of the agency during the pandemic to re-opening our doors and restarting our talent roster and clientele; we are forever grateful for each and every person within our passionate community that we got to share and continue to share these moments with. 

Cheers to the thirteen years of production, media, and continued growth. We are excited to continue growing the agency, build our roster and foster talents around media excellence!

To celebrate, please run down memory lane and tag us on a favorite moment with your time at Rae Agency. Tag @raeagency, with a special print, film, event day with you in the post. We can't wait to revisit these moments with you.


A note from our CEO, Jessica Rae:

Dear Rae Talents,

It is an honor to be your Agent and Mentor and to watch each of you develop into professional talents. Over the years, we’ve signed hundreds of models and dancers for various media and event opportunities.  Thank You for stepping into our doors and trusting Rae Agency as your support team and representation. Alana and I are so excited to continue to push on more opportunities and to have success for continued years!

Cheers to our big 13. Onward with more years to come! Happy Anniversary to everyone who's been a part of this journey. Cheers to the agency family! 🎉

From the Rae Studio Team,

With so much gratitude a big Thank you from the Rae Management for the continued support!  Now let’s celebrate.  Join us Sunday, February 25th 2024 6pm - 8pm.  This will be a combined event for our community at Rae Agency and Rae Studios.

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