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Raahi Music Video w/ Rae Agency Dance!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Raahi by Vikas Marwaha has finally arrived! Our casts of 17 Rae Agency dancers were booked for latin Bollywood artist, Vikas Marwaha in San Francisco. Among various styles our dancers are professionally trained in, their freestyle is highlighted and shining in the Raahi video.

Credits & Highlights:

Music Producer : Richard Michos

Lead Singer: Vikas Marwaha

Casting Agent: Jeannie Halvorson

Cast: Tyanna Davis, Korea Venters, Derriel Alexander, Taeylor White, Sheena Grams, Robert Holmes, Olivia Eng, Esteban Deleon, Isa Musni, Orlie Smith, Stephanie Cardoza, Jordan Singletary, Diarra Anderson, Vanessa Kuroda, Nathaniel Abrea, Lydia Chon & Samantha Shratter

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